“America’s Most Unwanted (An Homage)” 2014, By Danny Tisdale

americas most unwanted2

This homage to martyrs from the hoods across the United States is a new version of a ‘Most Wanted’ piece by Andy Warhol from the 1960’s and an update of a work I created a few years back titled ‘America’s Most Wanted.’ Continue reading

“Danny Blocks Photographer,” (Paparazzii Series), 2014

Danny Blocks (Paparazzii Series), 2014

Danny again has threatened a photographer. The artist – launched into a dramatic scene to fend off a photographer who photographed him earlier one morning as he took a walk. The photographer over, and over again asked Daniel “we haven’t scene your work in sometime when are you going to create a new body of (art)work?”

Radical Presence, Black Performance in Contemporary Art With Danny Tisdale


This groundbreaking exhibition is the first comprehensive survey of performance art by black artists working from the perspective of the visual arts from the 1960s to the present. While black performance has been largely contextualized as an extension of theater, visual artists have integrated performance into their work for more than five decades, generating an important history that has gone largely unrecognized until now. Continue reading

Andy Warhol ‘Talks’ Professional Wrestling, 1985 (video)

andy warhol ww fan

My ex-boss Andy “Pandy: Warhol did for art what the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) did for wrestling. He made it a spectacle. He made it something the “everyman” could enjoy. He infused it with celebrity. And, some would say, he cheapened it too. Continue reading