“The Importance Of Being Important (The Art Guys: An Appropriation)”, 2015, Danny Tisdale

Jacks_suit_from the art guys

I love America! Especially corporate sponsorship, and especially when you can get paid by corporations adding their logos from museum’s, supporters, organizations, and companies to your wardrobe. As the Art Guys say “The Clothes make the Man,” why should corporations just save their money for big ticket items like the Olympics, Wimbledon, the NFL Superbowl, NBA Finals?

Why be a smiling suited man in a bland suit? When you can wear logos from dozens of brand name products and companies collaged on your suit, transforming yourself into a walking product, a true company man.

It’s already happening when we wear Nike, Coke, Pepsi, VISA, Playboy, etc., t-shirts. I would love to have not just the suit, but logos on my jackets, pants, underwear, socks and even tattoos, and getting paid for it.

I love America!


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