Tracey Goodman Caught Using Transitions Products And Services?


Tracey Goodman, billionaire and founder of Transitions Inc., was captured by a paparazzi while he was waiting for some kind of Transitions product and or service.

In fact, there wasn’t one photo of Mr. Feisty, but three.


In the photos above by photographer MOJO we see Tracey Goodman laying down in what looks like a surgical robe while blocking his face with his hand from the photographers view yelling expletives, “Son of a … how did you get in here?” he said in an undisclosed luxury boutique.

If that were not bad enough, it seems that Tracey Goodman has chosen to carelessly violate the don’t use the products you sell rule, even though he has sold billions worth of product around the world just last year.


After things settled down Tracey at first was not pleased with what had just happened, but later he said, “I’m not getting Transitioned today, but I of course use the products and services all the time – why in the hell do you think I’ve had the success I’ve had? I love what I do, We’re turning mnioties inti majorities around the world!”

What do you want to bet Tracey Goodman will become the trillion-dollar man in a few years?

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